Here you will find some answers to some common enquiries but you can also contact us via email, phone or in person if you can’t find the answer here.

The library is managed by the charity The Friends of Fleckney Library (TFOFL , charity number 1165571) and run by volunteers. TFOFL are a group of 12 volunteers who came together when the future of Fleckney was put into jeopardy. The books and library systems are provided by Leicestershire County Council and the computers are also provided by the council and run on their network. TFOFL have a grant agreement with Leicestershire County Council with diminishing grant cash funding and in kind services. The library must generate income, donations and sponsorship.

There are lots of ways to help-volunteering time or skills, supporting events and donating financially, donating books to our Boomerang Library and of course using your library services or even just popping in for a quick cuppa. Please see our Get Involved pages.

Yes you can renew online provided you have a library card and PIN. Go to the Leicestershire Libraries website
A PIN can be provided if you pop into the library.

Yes, you can renew your books by calling us on 0116 3053585. Note that you will need your library card number and details of the books you wish to renew.

You can come into the library and fill in a form to join or you can join online at the Leicestershire Libraries website
Just click on LOG IN and then register your details. An email is required to join online and for all joiners one form of ID is required to be seen at the library.

Yes you can book a computer up to 14 days in advance online at the Leicestershire Libraries website
You will need your library card and PIN.

Please follow the TFOFL complaints policy.

Please pop into the library and fill in the comments and suggestions book or contact our Chair Linda Marshall

Yes we have a number of spaces available and the trustees will consider any request carefully. Please have a look at our Room Hire Page.